Character RulesEdit

Hello! You can choose your character by going below and adding a

page, BUT first read these steps CAREFULLY! This is about 75 years later, so most of the people will be dead and if you want you can be a character from the book but only ONE per person and no major characters (For example Eragon, Saphira, Arya etc.)! And 2 dragons or Riders per person. Total of characters you can have: 20


1. Make a new comment underneath this.We who live forever do not fear death

2. Make sure your name is appropriate! Rita

3. Choose gender.femal

4. Choose your race and job (only one King, Queen, or leader, up to 4 princesses or princes, and up to 10 Lords or Ladies!).

Full CategoriesEdit

(None so far!)


1. Miner

2. Priest

3. King/Queen

4. Prince/Princess

5. Commoner


1. King/Queen

2. Prince/Princess

3. Soldier

4. Farmer

5. Merchant

6. Mercanary

7. Commoner

8. Tribesman

9. Tribe Leader

10. Magician

11. Shade

12. Bard

13. Governor


1. Elder

2. Kull

3. Priest

4. Commoner


1. King/Queen

2. Prince/Princess

3. Magician

4. Bard

5. Soldier

6. Child

7. Craftsworker

8. Lord/Lady*

9. Commoner


1. Hatchling

2. Full Grown Dragon

Dragon RidersEdit

1. Human Dragon Rider

2. Elven Dragon Rider*

3. Urgal Dragon Rider

4. Dwarf Dragon Rider


A. WerecatEdit

1. Leader

2. Commoner

B. Ra'zacEdit

1. Hatchling

2. Lethrblaka

Steps (Continued)Edit

5. Describe appearence (OPTIONAL: Add an appropriate photo of your character).

6. Describe personality.

7. State where they live

8. State the # of characters you have.

9. Wait for character approval.

10. Once your character has been approved, make your own page about them!